Is A Fixed Or Folding Survival Knife Better?

Whenever you are shopping for survival knives you have probably come across two different kinds of knives. And these are either survival knives that have got a fixed blade, or ones that have got a folding blade. Your choice between those two types of knives should be based on what will suit you. And if you would actually like to make a purchase on a knife that is worth it, then you will need to learn all that you need to know about the blades of these knives. And a good place to start for that information would be That website provides a lot of information about various survival knives that you can buy either a folding or fixed blade one. And reading those reviews is something that you should be doing, especially if you want to decide between a fixed or folding blade survival knives.

Folding blade knife

Just like the name suggests, you can fold the blade of this kind of knife into the handle. You will be able to easily carry around this knife with you all of the time because the foldable knife makes it really convenient to carry around with you. In fact, concealing it on your person is really simple as well. However, this kind of knife is generally not as strong as a fixed blade knife, and you will be careful how you use it if you do not want it to break.

Fixed blade knife

A fixed blade survival knife is a kind of blade that will not fold into the handle. The main advantage of this kind of survival knife, over a folding one, is that it has more strength. This is because it will be made out of a single body. Therefore, it will not be prone to breaking if you decide to exert a lot of force on it.

You should not get a fixed blade knife if you want one that is convenient to carry. These kinds of knives are generally larger and are also harder to conceal when you carry them.

Those are the two main differences between fixed blade and a folding blade survival knife. Hopefully, now that you know that information, you should be able to make a better decision on which kind of knife would be best for you. You may actually find the right kind of knife based on that single feature of a folding blade, alone. Aside from the actual features of the blade of the survival knife, you must also take a look at several other factors about the knife as well. And you can learn more about the different survival knives and their specific features, by checking out The reviews written on that website will be able to tell you a lot about what you should look for in a particular survival knife. And when the time comes to actually purchase one, the information that you can learn from those reviews, will teach you all about what to look for in the best survival knives.

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